Q: Does VRhelp accept all properties?

A: Not necessarily. We begin our evaluation process by engaging you in conversation. We'll ask that you email photos, floorplans, etc. to help us better understand your property. Concurrently, we'll perform our independent research on the local market. After careful yet expedient evaluation, we'll make a decision on whether or not we see it as a good fit. All the while, of course you'll be evaluating us. And if we both see a fit, we'll sign an agreement and get to work!

Q: What are my upfront expenses?

A: Absolutely nothing to us. Depending on your budget and desired reach, your upfront/annual advertising expense may be between $500 and $1000. We offer free website hosting, as much as a $240 annual value. 

Q: How do I receive guest payments?

A: In most cases, we will ask that you set up a (free) PayPal business account that will enable guests to pay via all forms of credit card, debit card and banking account. The PayPal account will be linked to your bank account, meaning that the money flows directly from the guest to you. You'll establish a special PayPal login/password for us to use that limits our account access to only sending guest invoices.

Q: How does VRhelp get compensated?

A: We bill once a month, and will email you an Excel spreadsheet detailing the month's revenue (based on payments received) at month's end.

Q: What does VRhelp need from me to get started?

A: We generally require (1) a rough floorplan of the place, (2) a sketch of the grounds/property, if applicable, (3) quality photos of both the inside and outside, and (4) information regarding your favorite things to do, see, eat, etc. in the area for us to load into a Things To Do map.

Q: How quickly can we be up-and-running?

A: In most cases, we'll need 3-4 weeks to have all the pieces in place to take our marketing campaign live. That is generally sufficient time for you to concurrently make any necessary changes (repairs, redecorating, new purchases, etc) at the property and provide us with the aforementioned items and information.


Q: How much should we charge and what occupancy levels can we expect? In other words, how much money will my rental make?

A: We are happy to, upon request, offer revenue projections based on our market experience and further due diligence. Just know that the accuracy of these projections can vary greatly, which is, in fact, one of the reasons that we do not charge any setup fees. By absorbing the initial marketing costs, we aim to make specific revenue projections (i.e. covering costs) less critical. In other words, by our agreeing to invest the upfront time and money in your property, we're offering our confidence that we'll achieve general success, even if revenue projections are a bit unclear.

Q: How quickly should we expect to see our first guests?

A: Although there's no simple answer, we can offer some insight into the typical ramp-up period. Most markets have very few travelers planning trips inside of, say, a week. The majority of travelers in most markets plan their trips weeks or months in advance, and this creates an inherent ramp-up phase (i.e. a period where the number of reservations received is not necessarily an accurate reflection of demand) for new rentals. A rental coming online today has the misfortune of simply not being available for consideration when most people traveling today or in the near-term were making their rental decision. Travel-planning lead time averages vary by market. Whatever the market characteristics, we will generally use "Special Introductory Pricing" as a tool for helping accelerate the ramp-up period.


Q: What will be my upfront onsite responsibilities?

A: The following might be required, depending on the current state of your place: Decorating: a matter of personal taste, but generally a minimalist approach is wise, including the removal of personal items (family photos, religious-themed items, etc.). Furnishing: we have a checklist of basic rental necessities that we can provide. Testing: confirm that everything (switches, bulbs, appliances, etc.) is in good working order. Marketing Assistance: sketch a rough floorplan of the place and property and take quality photos to email us.

Q: What will be my ongoing onsite responsibilities?

A: If you are unable to personally look after things, you will need a property manager/caretaker. Depending on the setup of your place, the responsibility could be as little as simply being available as the guest's emergency contact (as is the case with most condos). Naturally, you'll also need to hire a cleaner or cleaning service. Once those folks are in place, we are happy to communicate directly with them to assure that everyone remains on the same page.


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