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Let's recap the prospective guest's purchase process up until this point.

As we theorized, their search began by logging onto one of the sites where we're advertising (exposure). It's a start, but there are thousands of our competitors there too.

The prospective guest quickly becomes overwhelmed by the number of listings they find. Most properties aren't at all what they desire and they're becoming frustrated, to the point that they're now more skimming than searching. Then they come across our property, with it's catchy headline and stellar index photo (differentiate), and they click our listing to learn more. When they do, they become even more intrigued by the thorough, relevant and easy-to-read information complementing several thoughtfully-composed photos. And when they click the link to our property website (offer more), well, now they are simply blown away! But our job is not finished.

They send an email inquiry, hopeful that this isn't too good to be true. Expectations are elevated and it's important that our direct interaction build on that; we can either continue to knock their socks off (dialogue better) or drop the ball, allowing competitors to work into the mix.

The moment a prospective guest clicks off an email inquiry, they are filled with hope and eagerly anticipate the response. This is the critical moment where deals can easily be lost. Your typical owner/manager simply responds too slowly - often days late - and fails to capitalize on the momentum and excitement that's been built. So the first part of our "dialogue better" philosophy is to respond quickly. Working seven days a week, we respond to over 90% of inquiries within two hours. A quick response to an already-excited traveler builds momentum.

The second part of our "dialogue better" philosophy revolves around presentation and design. You can bet that the prospective guest has inquired about numerous properties, and this is yet another opportunity to say, "we're different, we're better." Most owner/managers will reply - eventually - with a simple text-based email. That's fine, but it does nothing to impress, excite or differentiate. We've designed beautiful html-based templates that we utilize in our email correspondence. The template includes the property logo, a link to the property website (some will inquire via a listing having not previously visited the property site), and a few thumbnails of our favorite property photos. Guests see this along with the professional website and know that this is not your typical vacation rental!

The final piece of our "dialogue better" philosophy relates to content. It's important that the initial response be concise, professional, and hit on all the critical points. We basically just try to say, Yes, your dates are available, here's how much it costs, here's what you can do to reserve right now, and here's the link to our property website if you'd like some more info. And that's basically it.

A quick, professional response. Easy in theory, less easily executed.



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