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It's easy enough - with, say, a simple spreadsheet - to view occupancy/vacancy levels, monthly revenue figures, net income. But those are all result-oriented figures. They tell us only how we've done and offer absolutely no guidance on how to improve.

It would be easy - and crazy - to get things set up and simply let what happens happen. Anytime there's vacancy, there's opportunity for improvement.

We are constantly monitoring key indicators to help improve our properties' performance. The analytical tool that we load onto our websites (most ads/listings provide some analytics as well), when utilized to its fullest extent, can reveal priceless data.

For example, we can do things like:

* Enhance Visitor Experience by monitoring visitor flow across the property website. We look for abnormalities - like pages with especially high "exit rates" (where the visitor leaves the site) or pages we deem important that aren't being visited frequently enough - and create ways to enhance the visitor experience.

* Spend Ad Dollars Wisely by monitoring traffic sources (how the visitor landed on the site) and adjusting future advertising expenditures accordingly.

* Close Deals & Maximize Revenue by identifying the site behavior of a specific user (deduction via cross-referencing various data) whom we are currently dialoguing with to gauge their interest level, which, in a negotiable situation, may influence our stance.

* Increase Website Traffic by identifying the various search keywords that are most common and optimizing the website accordingly (SEO).

* Increase Effectiveness of Promotions before it's too late and vacant dates pass. For example, we may offer a 10% off promotion a month prior to a vacancy. If, after a few days, we see traffic enhanced as a result, we may let it ride. Or if there's no identifiable trend, we may gradually increase the promo to 15%, 20%, etc until we see a sufficient spike and, ultimately, a reservation.

The list of ways the data can be used to improve sales is limitless.



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