Over 13 Years of Experience
The seed that would become VRhelp.com nearly a decade later was planted in 2002. That's when Shawn packed his surfboards, bid "aloha" to San Francisco, and up and moved to the sun-drenched island of O'ahu to pursue a graduate degree (MBA 2004) at the University of Hawai'i.
Having fulfilled a lifelong dream of living in Hawai'i, Shawn quickly started to consider how he might make the dream more permanent. While attending grad school, he vigorously scoured the local real estate market, and in November 2002, he (along with investors) closed on the purchase of a three-unit building. He admittedly knew precious little about the vacation rental industry at the time, but he was about to learn. Sink or swim, as they say!
It was a bottom-up learning process. Between Googling various catchphrases to determine where to advertise, contacting other vacation rental owners for advice, monitoring competitor's rates and calendars, studying web design and purchasing the necessary software, he was "all in" from the get-go. And he loved it! So when that first property began to emerge as a huge success, Shawn and his partners decided to do it again. In 2004, they purchased what would soon become known as Beach House In Paradise.
By then, he'd refined his processes and procedures time and again, and was more or less able to apply those to the beach house. When the property outperformed expectations from the outset, he began to develop the confidence that his "formula" could be seamlessly applied to other properties as well.
In 2009, he accepted his first client property.* In 2010, he accepted another, Windward Beach House. In both cases, the respective property had been sitting vacant and had never been operated as a rental. With Shawn's guidance, entirely new businesses were formed and quickly became huge hits.
So after nearly a decade of experience, two incredibly successful rentals of his own and two equally successful client properties, Shawn decided to form VRhelp.com and help others achieve vacation rental bliss as well. In 2012, the newly-formed VRhelp was thrilled to welcome its inaugural client property, North Shore Affinity.
More recently, VRhelp has been honored to be selected to work with some incredible properties, leading to the creation of Aloha Beach Bungalow, The Swell House and Hola Paradise (Puerto Rico). Each has been a welcome - and instantly successful - addition to the family.
* After four successful seasons, that initial client property changed ownership in 2012, resulting in a dissolving of the partnership.

Featured Properties

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